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Hunter Rose // 18 // California

July 22nd     2:36 pm

Life is so hard when your best friend is a 9.5/10 and you’re a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting

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July 22nd     2:35 pm

July 22nd     2:35 pm

July 22nd     1:54 am


Today I am lambsitting. He’s 4 days old. The mum had twins and rejected him. He’s doing well on bottles though

July 21st     1:13 am

July 21st     1:12 am




Vine Snake

it looks like a judgmental shoelace. 

"hiiiissssssssssssssssssssssss shirt looks stupid"

July 21st     1:12 am

July 20th     3:57 pm


one time I was working at Dolly Parton’s water park as a photographer in the lazy river, and taking pictures and what not and I look up and see this very familiar black man floating in a tube toward me. 
and it is Akon.  So I’m like ‘hey Akon would you like a picture with your family today?’ He is all like ‘no thank you sweetie’ and I was all “well you have a good day, Akon” 
he said you too and floated on.  

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July 20th     3:57 pm

Me the shower
Me: water temperature must be perfect...
Me: awwww yaaaaaas fucking hot water it's like sex on my skin
Me: *sings passionately*
Me: *thinks about the meaning of life*
Me: *ten hours later* shit I have to wash my hair and shave my legs and I'm late shit shit shit

July 20th     3:56 pm

July 20th     1:09 pm

July 20th     1:09 pm


"sir what you did is literally 100 percent illegal"
"ok but get this: im a rich white person" 
"oh sorry about that sir" 

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July 20th     1:09 pm

July 20th     1:05 pm

July 20th     1:04 pm


white boys’ haircuts be like


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